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The Great Commission.

The Great Commission.

It is common business on earth for a life to not have a purpose but be a static. Not in heaven, though many on the earth have not yet realised that their first calling is to give glory to God, it is an expectation the Father has bestowed on every life; both yours and mine, beast and plant alike. A Great Commission is given to us Children of God to preach the good news of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Now how does the great commission apply to us as a ministry? We have integrated our vision as ministry to the commission Jesus bestowed to the original 11 disciples. We are continuing the lean age Jesus started of discipleship and service to the Father not only for our generation but the generations to come till the second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Many seek the glory few partake in it.

We are asking you to support us. It is your commission too.

For financial support, you may deposit any amount to your satisfaction to the account below:

Account name: The Sanctum Movement

Bank name: First National Bank

Account no: 62567525153

To donate any equipment, skills or advice you may contact the numbers below:

International: (+27) 011 958 5175

Local: (+27) 071 470 1609

Thank and God bless you for your support.

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Physical Address

The Sanctum Headquarters
6th Road West
57 Northcliff Terrace

Contact Numbers

011 958 5175

Prayer Line:

073 752 2980

072 902 5843