SERMON: TM DAVIDS We preach moved by the understanding and experience of Christ crucified. For if you do not experience it; you cannot preach it, for to preach it is to reveal the power of the Christ. Our eyes are moved by that which we preach and we choose to see nothing else, the message that comes with this understanding and experience is Grace that cannot be confined! Where this…
The disqualified share in a Greater Anointing. There is no pattern to attaining anointing nor is there any formality, God anoints WHOEVER He is pleased with to carry an anointing for a certain purpose or office. A 'calling' is a destination for the future and God calls and anoints based on what He sees in the future not the past, your past has no power nor authority to block your…
Do not be limited by the bible. Knowing the bible is good but God is not limited to the bible, so do not be limited to the bible. God speaks even outside the bible. The voice of God is not in the bible but in the SPIRIT that wrote the bible and the SPIRIT is not trapped in the bible but is given to those deemed worthy by God. In…
Jesus Christ, a ministry that will never die. What Jesus Christ left us is more than just a name. The Son went up back to the Father but the ministry which is “Jesus Christ’’ remained on the earth and must continue. Every genuine ministry on earth is just a continuation of what Jesus Christ started; no one can start a ministry, you can try but I can guarantee you this,…
Jesus Christ, the greatest mystery that lived. Jesus Christ is the greatest mystery that lived to explain that mystery which He was and We today, continue explaining the ORIGINAL MYSTERY because We are now in that mystery and fall part of the explanation. We become part of Him and exist in Him (John 15:5) thus every Child OF GOD is a mystery. Therefore do not expect the world and those…
Believing is experiencing, you will never believe in what you do not experience. A Believer will always operate in more Grace than a Christian whose only service to God is to be at church. Moses believed what was said to Him out of the burning bush and the signs "followed" Him. Moses was known throughout the whole world at that time for HIS miracles, not for creating the tabernacle for…

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