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Believe and experience

Believing is experiencing, you will never believe in what you do not experience. A Believer will always operate in more Grace than a Christian whose only service to God is to be at church. Moses believed what was said to Him out of the burning bush and the signs "followed" Him. Moses was known throughout the whole world at that time for HIS miracles, not for creating the tabernacle for God (which he did create). It was what His God could do that made Moses so famous and most importantly it was for those signs that the whole world knew not to mess with "the God of Moses". Your Faith must make you known, because it is your faith that will describe your God to those who cannot believe with you. You can force everyone to read the bible to get to know your God; recommending the bible to a non-believer is like giving directions to a blind person, it cannot happen. You must show people Your God. Then they will go to the place where you found Him to know Him more, which is the bible. You can never promote the bible with words because the bible does not promote words, it is all about power in this Kingdom.

Many of God's promises are still Alive today but it is only the one who believes who will experience the promises of Faith. You will be spoiled because they (the promises) are that much. That is why a Believer and a Christian cannot be put in the same room, one will experience God for what He is (the miracles, provision, blessings, signs and wonders) while the other will only know God through a hymn, song or sermon. Then in that room the argument of "you are using witchcraft" or the one of "it is the last days" will arise from the one to whom God is a hymn, a song or sermon. The only condition that Jesus gave was 'believe' in the SON and all will work.

May you start believing TODAY! For your HEALING, HEALTH, BREAKTHROUGH! Let your faith make you known Today! May your God be visible for all to SEE.

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