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Jesus Christ, a ministry that will never die!

Jesus Christ, a ministry that will never die.

What Jesus Christ left us is more than just a name. The Son went up back to the Father but the ministry which is “Jesus Christ’’ remained on the earth and must continue. Every genuine ministry on earth is just a continuation of what Jesus Christ started; no one can start a ministry, you can try but I can guarantee you this, YOU will fail. True ministry is from Heaven, just as Jesus Christ came from Heaven when He was on the earth. Ministry can only be given so we can only receive, we can never claim what we have become but can only be grateful, it is by GRACE that GOD’s will of greatness can manifest in any person.

What Jesus Christ is cannot be stopped or killed, you can ignore GOD’s calling upon your life but that calling that is upon you for a time will manifest on somebody else. Man’s rejection of this ministry has no power to stop this ministry, that’s why you find many ministries out there that are persecuted daily but continue to stand and grow even stronger! God will finish what HE started and what GOD started is a part of HIM and GOD has no end so what HE started has no end; hence I tell you, Jesus Christ is a ministry that will never die. And if it is GOD who starts it, that means it was with GOD in the beginning and is only a manifestation but existed with GOD in the beginning, that is why we have “prophecy”; because there are too many things that are still with GOD that must still manifest. Even Jesus Christ was a prophecy before HE was a manifestation. The same applies for every genuine ministry of GOD out there, it is just a manifestation of what was always with GOD.

I pray that may this ministry come alive in YOU and that from today YOU may start to abide in this ministry which JESUS CHRIST!

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