Monday, 14 March 2016 14:09

Don't Be Limited To The Bible

Do not be limited by the bible.

Knowing the bible is good but God is not limited to the bible, so do not be limited to the bible. God speaks even outside the bible. The voice of God is not in the bible but in the SPIRIT that wrote the bible and the SPIRIT is not trapped in the bible but is given to those deemed worthy by God. In the beginning was The Word, The Word of God was in the beginning before the bible and will still be there after the bible. I see many people trapped in the theology of the bible and not the SPIRIT that wrote the bible. That is why you find people who say the bible is contradicting itself, it is only those without the SPIRIT that will find the bible contradicting.

But child, I want you to understand that GOD is not limited to words nor is THE WORD found in words. THE WORD OF GOD is the power of GOD, it is GOD HIMSELF. Theology has no power, nor is power found in theology. In other words GOD is not found in theology, you can go to theology school but you cannot go to school for the power of GOD. The people that ‘wrote’ the bible heard from GOD and spoke with GOD before they wrote the bible, the power of the SPIRIT was in operation before they wrote the bible, and trust me GOD does not change; If he did not need the bible to speak to PAUL then that same GOD still does not need the bible to talk to YOU, for it is the same GOD that spoke to PAUL that still speaks today and trust me, GOD is still speaking today!

God wants to speak to you everywhere and through everything in your life! Not just the bible, I pray that may YOUR eyes in the spirit be opened and your ears also that YOU may SEE and HEAR the GOD that APPEARED to Paul, not some theology god that has never been seen. GOD IS STILL SPEAKING AND HE WANTS YOU TO LISTEN. Do not be limited to the bible.  My name is TM Davids and I decree it so in YOUR LIFE!


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