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The disqualified share in a Greater Anointing

The disqualified share in a Greater Anointing.

There is no pattern to attaining anointing nor is there any formality, God anoints WHOEVER He is pleased with to carry an anointing for a certain purpose or office. A 'calling' is a destination for the future and God calls and anoints based on what He sees in the future not the past, your past has no power nor authority to block your anointing.

1 Kings 17:1 
You meet this man, Elijah, without a surname. He had no reputation thus carried no surname; at his time, he was a nobody, showing you family, God does not anoint on the basis of reputation but CHARACTER. Elijah had nothing but his Faith. He had no spiritual father/mother nor had he ever received an impartation of anointing from anyone. Elijah's anointing was in his Faith in God, his Faith was his anointing, by Hebrews 11:2 you get to understand this. God isn't done raising Elijah's today, when Christ transfigured, we saw that the Spirit of Elijah still lives on. Strange anointing is in many in this world who have never been imparted this anointing but their Faith will be their impartation and God will raise them up, Glory can never remain hidden. It's just a matter of time.

This man (Elijah) believed that he was the only one in the whole of Israel who still believed in God, though it wasn't the case, it was his conviction. He was in Faith alone, his faith was never determined by another person but yet carried so much of the Lord's Glory. Sometimes Family, anointing imparted is limitation imparted.

Another person's rejection of your Faith will not determine the Glory it will carry. If Genuine, your Faith will carry a strange anointing. The anointing of Christ was strange to those who encountered it. The eye of this world can never accept the anointing of Christ And rejection family, is a call for more anointing to force submission to those who reject the first anointing. Understand this Family. An Elijah (strange anointing) will always be born as a result of rejection. When you are rejected for Christ, a new anointing is released for a greater rejection that is coming, for Glory to be revealed to those who fail to believe. They can deny your Faith but Glory Family cannot be denied. Disqualified Faith is not dead Faith. The Disqualified of this world will share in a greater anointing of the Spirit of Christ.


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