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Sharing an inheritance with the forever HIGH PRIEST


We preach moved by the understanding and experience of Christ crucified. For if you do not experience it; you cannot preach it, for to preach it is to reveal the power of the Christ. Our eyes are moved by that which we preach and we choose to see nothing else, the message that comes with this understanding and experience is Grace that cannot be confined! Where this Grace is permitted, death ceases to exist. So to those whose Faith is by Grace the devil cannot bring death to their faith nor can they stop to believe for Grace cannot permit such. Just as when Jesus Christ was crucified to death, the Grace in Him was too much for death to bear, for death cannot bear Grace, even if it is little. Where there is Grace, there will be no death. Where there is Grace; in your life, marriage, future and so on …. Death will not be permitted, it is not a prosperity Gospel but the message of Grace. The devil cannot steal what is of Grace.

Romans 8:16-17

The Spirit ‘Himself’ bears witness with our spirit that we are Sons of God, now if the Spirit Himself and our spirit are in agreement then it is established forever. For whenever two or more gather in His name what they bind on the earth shall be established in heaven (Matthew 18:19-20) and what is in heaven is by the Word hence the agreement that we bear witness with The Spirit shall be sealed by His Word. His Word is eternal thus by the Word the Sons of God are eternal beings. Now as eternal Sons, we are in the likeness of the Son for He is eternal and is the first, bringing into manifestation Genesis 1:26. And if we are Sons, then we are heirs; heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ thus by the Spirit of adoption (for we adopt His suffering and Glory); we bear the marks of Christ (Galatians 6:17). Though it is past age, the crucifixion continues, for the crucifixion is the ministry of Jesus Christ and the ministry of Jesus Christ will never die. Those adopted as eternal Sons bear the crucifixion in them jointly as though they are the ones to walk the road of Calvary themselves, for we have adopted His suffering and if He can live in you, with the Spirit testifying then you will do His work, for all creation waits in anticipation for the true Sons of God (Romans 8:19). Thus if Jesus is in you, then you are to do His work. And Christ is forever working, so we too must be forever working.

Hebrews 7:11-20              

Now we speak of the High priest, the order and the honor of the task. Now with the Law of Moses, perfection could never be attained. There was always a need for change in regard to the High priest thus when the message of the Cross attained perfection through Grace by Faith, with the Father confirming the message of the Cross to be true through the works performed by Jesus Christ. The High priest needed not to be changed for the vacancy had found a permanent suiter who would never fail to attain perfection on our behalf. For remember the word is eternal thus this perfection that we speak is eternal for all those that can attain it. With Jesus Christ in us, we no longer need another High priest for perfection lives in us, bringing to fulfilment the Scripture in Psalms 110:4. For as long as creation exists, the task of the High Priest will never end, for with creation there will always be sin thus always a need for a High Priest and therefore the ministry of Jesus Christ through His suffering has increased by the task of the High Priest;

meaning an increase of the glory and honor above the glory and honor which He had already received after His suffering on the earth.

The High Priest of a New Covenant, an increase to a ministry that already had so much Glory. And thus with the High Priest being forever, the increase of the glory is forever for Christ is forever serving. The Son as an heir has had the glory as an inheritance predestined by the Father before the beginning of time. But now, by Faith we are co-heirs with the Son, sharing in His inheritance of Glory therefore being greater than Angels as He is greater than Angels (Hebrews 1:14). With this inheritance forever increasing, the inheritance of salvation will always be great, the cup shall always runneth over (Psalms 23:5) for we share an inheritance with the forever High Priest and by Grace, Jesus Christ is for all. He is the High priest forever, meaning His inheritance will always increase regardless of who joins Him. It is greatness of the Glory, it takes all with (corporate blessing) for all shall bow and confess before this Glory that we speak, but to the heirs, it is co-inheritance and as heirs we understand it as Grace. For no inheritance is earned but we are born into it thus being born again is a necessity for we are no longer born into flesh and blood but the inheritance of the Spirit, the inheritance of Salvation. It is yours forever. Christ lives in you, the work continues through you. You are an Heir. You are Blessed.

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