Partners and Directors

Should you wish to support The Sanctum and its Ministries financially or with any substance you deem necessary please click on partner/donate below.

Please note that we are not after your money nor is our existence or success dependent on your offerings but the Grace of God. We will not hire writers to write articles to entice you to offer nor will we take time to encourage you to offer or partner with The Sanctum and its Ministries but we maintain that all our partners and directors should take pride in offering free willingly as their heart allows. Material wealth means nothing to us, our wealth is not of this world and is not measured by the standards of this world.

We maintain the importance of offering and giving only if the offering and giving started in the heart. What is from the heart is a true testimony of who you are, there is too much evil in this world, and many have the world in their heart. We therefore ask you brothers and sisters, make sure that your offering and giving is aligned with what is in your heart. We are content with what we have because we always have an abundance, so if you give, give as testimony of what is in your heart and what you want God to do for you.

To our current partners and directors, you are a blessing to us. We love you. You are a part of us and our mission. May God bless you and may He keep you for us. We are a truly blessed family here at The Sanctum and welcome all those who wish to partner with us or to sow here expecting a harvest, you may do so as your heart desires. God bless you. We love you.

Physical Address

The Sanctum Headquarters
6th Road West
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Contact Numbers

011 958 5175

Prayer Line:

073 752 2980

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