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The spiritual battle between darkness and light manifests in our lives physically.

What you see in the physical is a result of what is in the spiritual, but when you are blind spiritually you would only see what has manifested in the physical, which is always a fruit from a tree which you cannot see the roots of, meaning if you have a problem that has manifested physically such as a curse, you will never solve it because you are unable to see the root of that problem. Or if you have a blessing that has manifested physically and you cannot find the root of that blessing, you will be unable to increase that blessing resulting in you remaining stagnant in your blessing.

So the only way to solve what has manifested in the physical is to see what is happening in the spiritual. Some instances you find people rebuking demons for problems that God is bringing to them because they are unable to see in the spirit that God has brought a problem in their lives with an intention of elevation because in them solving that problem will bring elevation. Look at how King David got elevated [1 SAMUEL 17].

And because of sin, spiritual blindness is what we are all born into as a result of the first man which is Adam [Roman 3:23; Romans 5:12]. Sin is the darkness that blinds our spiritual eyes. And Christ is the light. And where light and darkness interact, darkness flees.

Satan operates only in darkness and never in light. But ... physically Satan mostly operates or manifests as light. Yes, Satan is an angel in this world. [2 CORINTHIANS 11:14]. Evil things always appear as good on earth, e.g. Religion. Religion is the biggest Satan [darkness] on earth.

And if you look at what Christianity is today, you might understand what I am trying to say.

Because every operation of Satan is always in darkness meaning it is hidden from the light, every attack of Satan is a lie. Poverty is a lie, sickness is a lie and many people because they do not see (mainly because there is no light [Christ] in their lives) believe the lies of Satan. And what you believe is true, you always pass on to the next person. And that the main truth behind Satan, his main attack is to make sure that you pass on a lie so that you all end up being liars and end up looking like him. If you look like him, you will end up where he is, hell.

Satan is contagious. Jesus warned you, but still, you are not listening. Never look like the one that attacks you. If a person hates you, that person is full of darkness [1 John 2:11], so if you hate that person in return, that darkness has contaminated you. Then hell also becomes for you and that is what Satan wants. So what is the solution? Love those that hate you. Love is light [1 JOHN 2:10] and if love is light, those that love will always conquer those that hate. The easiest way to defeat the one that hates you is to love them.

But don't believe my word for it, read your Bible. Read the words of Jesus in [LUKE 6:27-36]. I didn't write your bible, so you can believe your bible. So open your eyes through the true light of Jesus Christ and be Spirit. [Love and forgive], when you do so, you are operating spiritual things that will defeat every curse in your life, because love conquers ALL. It will destroy all curses from the root [1 Peter 4:8]. Do not be under the trap of hatred and unforgiveness that Satan has trapped many Christians in.

What you touch when you are operating with a dark spirit [hatred; unforgiveness] will be cursed, nothing of yours will work out. There are some things that are unforgivable that people have done to us, but in truth, no one can forgive, the flesh cannot forgive, it will be very hard to forgive if you are going to rely on your flesh. Only the Spirit of God can forgive, hence when Jesus started forgiving people the teachers of the law saw as blasphemy [LUKE 5:20-21]. So we need the Spirit that was in Him [Jesus] to truly forgive. But He said that it is freely given [1 CORINTHIANS 2:12], so walk in what is freely given, love and forgive all including those that hate you. God will bless you


- TM Davids.

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